BETASEAL, Black Quick Dry Urethane Adhesive, Regular Viscosity, 310ml
DESCRIPTION DOW Auto Glass Replacement is a glass adhesive without a primer. FEATURES No heating required OEM approved and used single component adhesive. Excellent utility sealant for taillights and other fixed glass. Save time and improve productivity by eliminating glass...
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1K Premium OEM Approved Seam Sealer, 300ml Cartridge - Noir
DESCRIPTION Dominion Sure Seals are high solids performance sealants at an affordable cost. CHARACTERISTICS Excellent adhesion to various surfaces (painted or unpainted metal, rubber, glass, wood and concrete) Does not stain Rubber-like characteristics Can be compressed and expanded Does not...
Betaprime 5504G CRL Black All-in-One Primer, 125ml
DESCRIPTION One primer does everything to simplify inventory and improve quality (since it's impossible to choose the wrong primer for the job). FEATURES Works great on all common substrates: glass, ceramic frit, OEM water-based paint, cut bead, encapsulation (PUR-RIM, PVC-RIM,...
200ml Automix® two-component epoxy panel adhesive
200ml Automix® Two-Component Epoxy Panel Adhesive Description Used to bond steel, aluminum, sheet molded compound (SMC) and fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP). Primary use is to replace side panels, roofs, bed sides, van sides, utility vehicle sides and door trims. This...
200ml Two-Component Epoxy Automix Panel Adhesive
DESCRIPTION This is an epoxy based adhesive for joining 2 panels together. This product should be used with caution outdoors only. FEATURES Two-Part Epoxy Extended action time Sets quickly with heat Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastics and...
Le pouvoir des produits adhésifs et scellants que nous vendons correspond à celui auquel on s'attend en matière d'efficacité sur les surfaces préalablement nettoyées. Vous découvrirez la puissance adhérente et scellante de ces produits et vous voudrez les utiliser à nouveau.
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