3-inch HTH Chlorination Pucks, 6 kg hth
DESCRIPTION Chlorination pucks are made for perfect maintenance of your pool water every day. FEATURES Prevents the proliferation of bacteria and algae in a swimming pool Stabilized: prevents the rapid degradation of chlorine under the action of UV rays Salt...
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Sock It HTH® SUPER Shock Treatment, 6 x 454g - 6 lbs.
DESCRIPTION Economy pack of 6 packs of 1lb - 454g. Will not over stabilize your pool. FEATURES Kills bacteria and algae Quick Action Fast dissolving Crystal clear water in 24 hours Compatible with salt systems INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Use the...
HTH Extra multi-purpose chlorine pucks 6 kg
HTH Extra multi-purpose chlorine pucks 6 kg Description These multifunctional chlorine pucks will allow you to clean and clarify the water in your swimming pool. This product acts as an algaecide and helps destroy bacteria, and will help protect the...
HTH Mini Chlorination Tablets, 1 kg (TCCA)
DESCRIPTION Controls bacteria and algae in pool water. FEATURES Sunscreen (stabilized) for extended chlorine life Ideal for above ground or inflatable pools For small pools Salt pool compatible INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE For daily use (every day) for the treatment of...
HTH Sock It Shock Treatment, 0.454 kg
DESCRIPTION A powerful shock treatment for a clean and crystalline pool. FEATURES Controls bacteria and algae in pool water. Chlorine granules. Calcium hypochlorite 65%. Available chlorine content: 65% INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Use the shock treatment for your pool when you...
Les produits HTH pour la piscine que nous vendons sont parfaits pour désinfecter vos eaux de piscine à la perfection et sans soucis quant à une éventuelle sur-stabilisation.
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