BETACLEAN Glass and surface cleaner, cutting lubricant, aerosol
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BETACLEAN Glass and surface cleaner, cutting lubricant, aerosol
BETACLEAN Glass and Surface Cleaner, Cutting Lubricant, Aerosol DESCRIPTION this product effectively and safely cleans surfaces quickly and easily. At Goodshop Canada, since 2017 we have been offering a wide selection of premium quality products to our customers so that...
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Optimum Gold Velcro Grit: P180 Sanding Discs, 100 Pack
DESCRIPTION Carworx OPTIMUM GOLD is a premium abrasive with excellent cutting capabilities and exceptional life. CHARACTERISTICS Distribution of aluminum oxide and special stearate Superior cutting performance Resistance to clogging Prolonging the effectiveness of the abrasive Improved finish quality Premium quality...
Gravel Guard Black Rubberized Underbody Panel Coating OEM Approved, 830ml
DESCRIPTION An easy-to-use, paintable builder coating (spray applied) that matches OEM textures. FEATURES Excellent protection against abrasion and chipping Soundproofing Corrosion resistant Ideal for applications where medium texture patterns are desired INSTRUCTIONS Apply one or more coats, depending on the...
1K Premium OEM Approved Seam Sealer, 300ml Cartridge - Noir
DESCRIPTION Dominion Sure Seals are high solids performance sealants at an affordable cost. CHARACTERISTICS Excellent adhesion to various surfaces (painted or unpainted metal, rubber, glass, wood and concrete) Does not stain Rubber-like characteristics Can be compressed and expanded Does not...
Safegard GP coverall size XL, pack of 50
DESCRIPTION Limited use suit for protection against dust and light liquid splash type 5 (protection against hazardous dry particles) and 6 (protection against light liquid splash). FEATURES 45 g/m² SMMS fabric with high breathability and a superior level of comfort...
XXX Universal Gun Cleaner, 20oz Aerosol
DESCRIPTION XXX Universal Gun Cleaner is a powerful cleaner that quickly removes solvent and water-based coatings from spray equipment. CHARACTERISTICS Removes water-based or solvent-based paint and overspray 100% superior virgin solvent formula 2-in-1 cleaner reduces collision center products needed Reduces...
1K Acrylic Clearcoat, Aerosol
DESCRIPTION 1K clear coat for quick coating and long term sealing of repair paint jobs and new paint jobs on cars and motorcycles. CHARACTERISTICS Easy to use Dries quickly High gloss level No color deviation Good weather resistance Very good...
Performance Green 233+ Scotch® Masking Tape, 48 Pack
DESCRIPTION A high performance tape designed for restoration work. It conforms to curves for ease of use, provides exceptional lines of demarcation and offers resistance to adhesive transfer. FEATURES 3/4 inch (18mm x 60.5m) Resistant to UV rays Resists soaking...
Vibac 207 Automotive Performance Orange Masking Tape, 24 Pack
DESCRIPTION This easy to tear waterproof tape has fast bonding properties: it bonds instantly to a wide range of irregularly shaped surfaces and leaves no adhesive residue when removed. FEATURES 2 inches wide (48mm) Withstands temperatures up to 212°F for...
Flex-Loc TR Carbo Fire 2-inch Grit Alumina Ceramic Grinding Discs, 36 Pack
DESCRIPTION Ideal for fast stock removal in a small area. CHARACTERISTICS Aggressive fit Self-sharpening for an even cut Grinding Aid Coating Minimum load Long life Burn-free grinding of heat-sensitive materials Sturdy stand Reduced edge wear INSTRUCTIONS Ceramic self-sharpening abrasive is...
2-inch Beige Automotive Masking Tape, 24 Pack
DESCRIPTION Designed for non-critical applications, asticks easily. The paper backing improves flexibility and facilitates tearing. FEATURES 48mm x 55m Crépan paper support Average adhesion facilitates manipulation get rid of itself. Natural color crepe paper Maximum heat resistance: 65°C (150°F) for...
Valspar Direct to Metal Primer Activator, 946ml
DESCRIPTION Allows a perfect grip on most metals for a guarantee of good hold over time as well as effective and lasting anti-corrosion protection against rust. FEATURES Perfect for metal bodies and structures Dries quickly Covers very well INSTRUCTIONS Use...
CLEAR #1 UV Resistant Clear Coat, 450ml
DESCRIPTION A performance clearcoat that gives an excellent gloss finish in a convenient aerosol. FEATURES Glossy finish and excellent depth Homogeneous repair Fast drying for increased productivity UV resistant for exceptional durability INSTRUCTIONS Compatible with most water or solvent based...
Optimum Gold Velcro Grit: P320 Sanding Discs, 100 Pack
DESCRIPTION Carworx OPTIMUM GOLD is a premium abrasive with excellent cutting capabilities and exceptional life. FEATURES 6 inches in diameter Special aluminum oxide and stearate delivery system Superior cutting performance Resistance to clogging Prolonged abrasive performance Improved finish quality Premium...
Scotch-Brite Hand Pad, box of 24
DESCRIPTION Ideal for everyday uses such as preparing surfaces for priming, applying a color coat, general light sanding, cleaning and hand blending. Preparation of surfaces prior to clearcoat application and for light sanding of raw plastic (bumpers). FEATURES Comparable to...
Finish 1 Medium Varnish Hardener 2.1 VOC, 946ml
DESCRIPTION This clearcoat performs well in air-dry or dry-strength environments and provides excellent gloss, DOI, leveling, blending and polishing properties. FEATURES Excellent for heavy duty use or air dry applications. High-strength urethane clearcoat. Mixing ratio 4:1 Excellent mixing and polishing...
Fast Klean Silicone & Wax Remover, Gallon
DESCRIPTION Clear liquid with solvent odor. FEATURES Highly flammable and use with caution Use before sanding The best solution for your stripping and waxing jobs INSTRUCTIONS Use a spatula or a metal brush to scrape off the bits of paint...
Orange color masking tape, pack of 24 rolls, 2", CW-900
DESCRIPTION CW-900 ORANGE is a professional masking tape ideal for paint shops. Thin, waterproof and temperature stable up to 90°C (194°F). FEATURES Heavy duty masking tape. Color: Orange Quantity: Case of 24 INSTRUCTIONS Apply masking tape in the correct places...
Fibratex Primer Prep 6" x 9" "perforated" scouring pads, pack of 20
DESCRIPTION Its uniform fit is free of wild stripes. Non-woven nylon is impregnated with abrasive grain. Itconforms easily to uneven surfaces and resists tearing. CHARACTERISTICS The abrasive scouring pad can be used in its wet or dry state. Colour: Brown...
Perfect-It Sanding Compound, 946 ml
DESCRIPTION Sanding compound is easy to use. It does not adhere to the panels and does not leave a residual film, even under extreme conditions. FEATURES The paste adapts well to several types of climate. It is designed to remove...
Grease Monkey Watson Powder Free Black Nitrile Gloves, 100 Pack
DESCRIPTION Keep grease off your hands! These powder-free black gloves come in a pack of 100 disposable ambidextrous Nitrile gloves. FEATURES Black Nitrile Gloves Powder-free 5 mil thick 9.5 inch rolled cuff CFIA Approved Box of 100 INSTRUCTIONS You must...
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200ml Two-Component Epoxy Automix Panel Adhesive
DESCRIPTION This is an epoxy based adhesive for joining 2 panels together. This product should be used with caution outdoors only. FEATURES Two-Part Epoxy Extended action time Sets quickly with heat Excellent adhesion to a wide variety of plastics and...
Glamor SprayMax Gloss Varnish 2K Aerosol
DESCRIPTION The 2K clear coat has very high resistance to chemicals, gasoline and weathering. For high-quality, long-term sealing for painting and repair work. FEATURES Maximum abrasion and scratch resistance Very smooth payout flow High-gloss durability Very good polishing ability No...
Self-incrusting primer in 3 colors, 15 oz aerosol - noir
Self-incrusting primer in 3 colors, 15 oz aerosol - noir
DESCRIPTION Self-embedding primer gives excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance on steel, aluminum and stainless steel if properly prepared before application. FEATURES Quick drying Number of coats to apply: 2-3 thin (light) Availability of three colors: black, grey, green Available format:...

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